Qatar Goodwood Festival 2016 – all the news on second day







The going for the second day of the Qatar Goodwood Festival, Wednesday, July 27, has changed to:


Straight Course: Good, Good to Firm in places (from Good)

Round Course: Good to Firm (from Good to Firm, Good in places)


It was dry overnight.  There has been some light rain this morning and there is the possibility of further showers during the day.


The Round Course was watered overnight.



Straight Course: stands’ side.

Round Course: inside, except 1m 4f which is outside 2m 5f flip start


The far side running rail from the six-furlong marker on the lower bend to the winning post has been dolled out six yards, increasing distances by 12 yards.


The top bend has been dolled three yards increasing race distances by eight yards.




3.45pm Victoria Racing Club Molecomb Stakes

6  RAINBOW MIST (IRE) (Self Certificate, Bad Scope)

12  SHAMSAYA (IRE) (Self Certificate, Not Eaten Up)


4.20pm Markel Insurance Fillies’ Maiden

15  PERFECT MADGE (IRE) (Self Certificate, Bruised Foot)


5.25pm NatWest Handicap

16  PALAWAN (Vet’s Cert, Temperature)

20  DILGURA (Self Certificate, Pulled Muscle)







2:00 Betfred Glorious Stakes (Group 3) 1m 4f £100,000

1 (5) Ayrad (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) Roger Charlton 9st 1lb Frankie Dettori

2 (2) Berkshire (IRE) (Blinkers) Paul Cole 9st 1lb Luke Morris

3 (6) Elite Army Saeed bin Suroor 9st 1lb James McDonald

4 (4) Kings Fete Sir Michael Stoute 9st 1lb Ryan Moore

5 (1) Majeed David Simcock 9st 1lb Jamie Spencer

6 (8) Mount Logan (IRE) Roger Varian 9st 1lb Andrea Atzeni

7 (3) Scottish (IRE) Charlie Appleby 9st 1lb James Doyle

8 (7) Loving Things Luca Cumani 8st 12lb Martin Lane


2:35 Bonhams Thoroughbred Stakes (Group 3) 1m £100,000

1 (7) Buratino (IRE) Mark Johnston 9st 1lb Joe Fanning

2 (10) Cymric (USA) John Gosden 9st 1lb James McDonald

3 (6) Dragon Mall (USA) (Hood) David Simcock 9st 1lb Jamie Spencer

4 (1) Emotionless (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) Charlie Appleby 9st 1lb James Doyle

5 (9) Forge Sir Michael Stoute 9st 1lb Ryan Moore

6 (8) They Seek Him Here (IRE) (Tongue Strap) Hugo Palmer 9st 1lb Frankie Dettori

7 (4) Thikriyaat (IRE) Sir Michael Stoute 9st 1lb Paul Hanagan

8 (2) Tony Curtis Richard Hannon 9st 1lb Sean Levey

9 (11) Czabo Mick Channon 8st 12lb Silvestre De Sousa

10 (5) Light Up Our World (IRE) Richard Hannon 8st 12lb Pat Dobbs

11 (3) Promising Run (USA) (Visor) Saeed bin Suroor 8st 12lb Andrea Atzeni


3:10 Betfred Mile (Heritage Handicap) 1m £150,000

1 (11) Here Comes When (IRE) (Hood) Andrew Balding 9st 10lb Joshua Bryan (7)

2 (21) Carry On Deryck Saeed bin Suroor 9st 8lb James Doyle

3 (7) You’re Fired (IRE) K. R. Burke 9st 7lb Jordan Vaughan (5)

4 (5) Master The World (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) David Elsworth 9st 6lb Pat Dobbs

5 (18) Hors de Combat James Fanshawe 9st 4lb Oisin Murphy

6 (13) Outlaw Country (IRE) Charlie Appleby 9st 4lb James McDonald

7 (12) Third Time Lucky (IRE) Richard Fahey 9st 4lb Paul Hanagan

8 (9) Belgian Bill (Blinkers) George Baker 9st 4lb Pat Cosgrave

9 (17) Celestial Path (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) Sir Mark Prescott Bt 9st 4lb Luke Morris

10 (10) Donncha (IRE) Robert Eddery 9st 2lb Adam Kirby

11 (4) Azraff (IRE) Marco Botti 9st 2lb Andrea Atzeni

12 (8) Boomshackerlacker (IRE) George Baker 9st 2lb (3lb ex) Fergus Sweeney

13 (6) One Word More (IRE) (Hood) Tim Easterby 9st 1lb David Allan

14 (22) Jailawi (IRE) Ismail Mohammed 9st 1lb Silvestre De Sousa

15 (1) Franklin D (USA) (Visor) Michael Bell 9st 1lb (3lb ex) Ryan Moore

16 (20) Lat Hawill (IRE) (Visor) Keith Dalgleish 8st 13lb Joe Fanning

17 (16) Keystroke Jeremy Noseda 8st 12lb Jimmy Fortune

18 (19) Can’t Change It (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) David Simcock 8st 12lb Jamie Spencer

19 (14) Gabrial’s Kaka (IRE) Richard Fahey 8st 12lb Tom Eaves

20 (3) Red Avenger (USA) (Blinkers) Gary Moore 8st 11lb Liam Keniry Reserves

R21 (15) Solar Deity (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) Jane Chapple-Hyam 8st 11lb Martin Dwyer

R22 (2) Room Key (Sheepskin C/P) Eve Johnson Houghton 8st 9lb

Eliminations: Balmoral Castle, Atlantic Sun, Imshivalla (IRE), Above N Beyond, Knight Owl, Fieldsman (USA), Ice Slice (IRE), Arcanada (IRE), Melvin The Grate (IRE), Spring Offensive (IRE), Zhui Feng (IRE), Wilde Inspiration (IRE), The Warrior (IRE), Afjaan (IRE), Ode To Evening, Czech It Out (IRE), Palawan, Whitman, Beaverbrook, King’s Pavilion (IRE), Oh This Is Us (IRE), Laidback Romeo (IRE), Goring (GER), Montsarrat (IRE), Boots And Spurs, Welford, Bathos (IRE)


3:45 Qatar King George Stakes (Group 2) 5f £312,100

1 (9) Cotai Glory Charles Hills 9st 2lb George Baker

2 (14) Finsbury Square (IRE) (Blinkers) F. Chappet, France 9st 2lb Olivier Peslier

3 (12) Goken (FR) Kevin Ryan 9st 2lb Jamie Spencer

4 (13) Goldream (Sheepskin C/P) Robert Cowell 9st 2lb Martin Harley

5 (16) Jungle Cat (IRE) Charlie Appleby 9st 2lb James Doyle

6 (5) Line of Reason (IRE) Paul Midgley 9st 2lb Martin Lane


7 (7) Move In Time (Visor) David O’Meara 9st 2lb Daniel Tudhope

8 (10) Muthmir (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) William Haggas 9st 2lb Paul Hanagan

9 (1) Pearl Secret David Barron 9st 2lb Oisin Murphy

10 (2) Spirit Quartz (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) Robert Cowell 9st 2lb Adam Kirby

11 (11) Take Cover David C. Griffiths 9st 2lb David Allan

12 (15) Divine (IRE) Mick Channon 8st 13lb Silvestre De Sousa

13 (17) Ajaya (Sheepskin C/P) William Haggas 8st 12lb Andrea Atzeni

14 (3) Kachy Tom Dascombe 8st 12lb Richard Kingscote

15 (6) Washington DC (IRE) (Tongue Strap) Aidan O’Brien, Ireland 8st 12lb Ryan Moore

16 (4) Easton Angel (IRE) Michael Dods 8st 9lb Paul Mulrennan

17 (8) Marsha (IRE) Sir Mark Prescott Bt 8st 9lb Luke Morris


4:20 Betfred Supports Jack Berry House Nursery Handicap 6f £20,000

1 (18) Mailshot (USA) Mark Johnston 9st 7lb Franny Norton

2 (3) Rusumaat (IRE) Mark Johnston 9st 6lb Paul Hanagan

3 (12) Top Score Saeed bin Suroor 9st 5lb James Doyle

4 (10) Monks Stand (USA) (Visor) Jeremy Noseda 9st 5lb Frankie Dettori

5 (15) Diable d’Or (IRE) Eve Johnson Houghton 9st 2lb John Fahy

6 (17) Naafer William Haggas 9st 2lb Martin Harley

7 (1) Final Reckoning (IRE) Charlie Appleby 9st 1lb James McDonald

8 (7) Prince of Cool James Given 9st 0lb Tom Eaves

9 (8) Zamjar Ed Dunlop 9st 0lb Andrea Atzeni

10 (4) Scofflaw Richard Fahey 8st 13lb Jamie Spencer

11 (6) Naples Bay John Quinn 8st 13lb Cam Hardie

12 (14) Sayesse Mick Channon 8st 12lb Charles Bishop

13 (13) Aventinus (IRE) Hugo Palmer 8st 12lb Richard Kingscote

14 (11) High Acclaim (USA) Roger Teal 8st 11lb Fergus Sweeney

15 (5) El Torito (IRE) Jim Boyle 8st 9lb Sam Hitchcott

16 (2) Dusker (USA) Mark Johnston 8st 3lb Joe Fanning

17 (16) Notalot (IRE) (Visor) Michael Bell 8st 0lb David Egan (7)

18 (9) Buskin River (IRE) Richard Hannon 8st 0lb Kieran O’Neill


4:55 L’Ormarins Queens Plate Stakes (Group 3) 7f £80,000

1 (4) Queen Catrine (IRE) (Blinkers) G. M. Lyons, Ireland 9st 6lb G. F. Carroll

2 (3) Alfajer Marco Botti 9st 3lb Andrea Atzeni

3 (10) Always Smile (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) Saeed bin Suroor 9st 3lb James Doyle

4 (11) Growing Glory (FR) Francois Rohaut, France 9st 3lb Stephane Pasquier

5 (5) Namhroodah (IRE) James Tate 9st 3lb Luke Morris

6 (6) Marenko Richard Hannon 8st 13lb Sean Levey

7 (8) Alamode (Sheepskin C/P) Marcus Tregoning 8st 10lb Martin Dwyer

8 (1) Al Jazi (IRE) Francois Rohaut, France 8st 10lb Gregory Benoist

9 (9) Besharah (IRE) William Haggas 8st 10lb Pat Cosgrave

10 (2) Buying Trouble (USA) David Evans 8st 10lb

11 (7) Mise En Rose (USA) Charlie Appleby 8st 10lb James McDonald

12 (12) Opal Tiara (IRE) Mick Channon 8st 10lb Oisin Murphy


5:30 Betfred Mobile Handicap 1m 3f £20,000

1 (3) Poet’s Word (IRE) Sir Michael Stoute 9st 7lb Ryan Moore

2 (8) Al Neksh William Haggas 9st 6lb Frankie Dettori

3 (14) Welford Mark Johnston 9st 6lb James Doyle

4 (4) Combative Amanda Perrett 9st 5lb Pat Dobbs

5 (5) Zzoro (IRE) Amanda Perrett 9st 4lb George Baker

6 (1) Royal Reserve William Muir 9st 3lb Martin Dwyer

7 (12) Goldenfield (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) Gary Moore 9st 3lb Liam Keniry

8 (11) Sixties Groove (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) Jeremy Noseda 9st 2lb Adam Kirby

9 (9) Indulged James Fanshawe 9st 1lb Tom Queally

10 (15) Carry Me Home Charles Hills 9st 1lb James McDonald

11 (10) Sabre Squadron (IRE) Peter Chapple-Hyam 8st 13lb Jamie Spencer

12 (2) Cosmeapolitan Alan King 8st 13lb Fergus Sweeney

13 (6) Isharah (USA) Mark Johnston 8st 11lb Joe Fanning

14 (16) Diamond Geyser (IRE) Luca Cumani 8st 10lb Andrea Atzeni

15 (13) Theos Lolly (IRE) Richard Fahey 8st 9lb Paul Hanagan

16 (7) Sark (IRE) David Evans 8st 9lb Silvestre De Sousa

Eliminations: Visage Blanc, Brorocco, Guns of Leros (USA), Organza, Space Mountain, Imari Kid (IRE)








Seamus Buckley, Goodwood’s Clerk of the Course, reported today that the official going descriptions are faster today than yesterday, despite watering last night, some light rain this morning and a GoingStick reading which is the same as yesterday.


The very experienced official, pleased with the jockeys’ delight at the ground yesterday, changed the going descriptions early this morning to:

Straight Course: Good, Good to Firm in places (from Good)

Round Course: Good to Firm (from Good to Firm, Good in Places)


Buckley said at 10am: “It was predominantly dry overnight.


“The rain started about 5.30am and there has been light drizzle that has not affected the ground which has dried back slightly.


“The GoingStick reading is 8.1 (at 9am), which is the same as it was yesterday. That is because we watered certain areas last night.


“We extensively watered the outer loop, where horses slipped yesterday, and spiked it again so we have done what we thought was necessary. We also watered the first two furlongs of the mile course and the top bend.


“The forecast is for a bit more rain today but hopefully it will cease around lunchtime. More rain is forecast tomorrow, which is likely to be drizzly and overcast according to the latest forecast, though the forecasts are changing day to day.


“Drier conditions and better weather are expected on Friday and Saturday for the last two days of the Qatar Goodwood Festival.”




3.45pm Victoria Racing Club Molecomb Stakes

6  RAINBOW MIST (IRE) (Self Certificate, Bad Scope)

12  SHAMSAYA (IRE) (Self Certificate, Not Eaten Up)


4.20pm Markel Insurance Fillies’ Maiden

6  DIVA POWER (IRE) (Self Certificate, Bruised Foot)

15  PERFECT MADGE (IRE) (Self Certificate, Bruised Foot)


5.25pm NatWest Handicap

1  RED AVENGER (USA) (Vet’s Certificate, Sore)

3  MUIR LODGE (Vet’s Certificate, Rash)

16  PALAWAN (Vet’s Cert, Temperature)

20  DILGURA (Self Certificate, Pulled Muscle)




2.00pm Matchbook Betting Exchange Handicap



3.10pm Qatar Goodwood Cup

1  ASTRONEREUS (IRE) (Self Certificate, Lame)

Thursday’s Magnolia Cup

Please find below the final details of the riders, designers and horses for Thursday’s charity race, the Magnolia Cup, at 1.25pm. More information about the riders and the race can be found on pages 8 & 9 of the media guide.


Alby Bailey

Horse: Always Delivering

Normal Name: Leyland

Sponsor: Palmer & Harvey

Designer: Jasmine Guinness (Lucky Lady)

Owner: Yunos Mustafa

Trainer: Natalie Lloyd-Beavis


Alexis Green

Horse: Tony Dinozzo

Normal Name: Tony Dinozzo

Sponsor: None

Designer: Unique Sibanda

Owner: Chelsea Jennings

Trainer: Chelsea Jennings


Camilla Swift

Horse: Nelson’s Pride

Normal Name: Nelson’s Pride

Sponsor: None

Designer: Beulah

Owner: Mrs C Hallam

Trainer: Roger Ingram


Charlotte Hogg


Normal Name: Spowarticus

Sponsor: None

Designer: ME+EM

Owner: P J Dixon & Partners

Trainer: Scott Dixon


Dido Harding

Horse: ArmellE

Normal Name: Armelle

Sponsor: None

Designer: Bella Freud

Owner: The Friday Follies

Trainer: Scott Dixon


Emily Baxendale

Horse: Continuum

Normal Name: Perfect Pastime

Sponsor: Bowers & Wilkins

Designer: Jasmine Guinness (Rainbow Racer)

Owner: The Paddock Space Partnership 2

Trainer: Jim Boyle


Emma Leslie-Miller

Horse: A Brit of Alright

Normal Name: Clive Clifton

Sponsor: Brit Insurance

Designer: Featherstone Frocks

Owner: John Collins

Trainer: Phil York


Georgie Lane-Godfrey

Horse: Industrial Agility

Normal Name: Tagula Night

Sponsor: QIO

Designer: Liberty

Owner: Gordon Papworth & John Fishpool

Trainer: Dean Ivory


Isabelle Taylor

Horse: Alketios

Normal Name: Alketios

Sponsor: None

Designer: Jasmine Guinness (Birthday Girl)

Owner: Gilbert & Gamble

Trainer: Chris Gordon


Shadi Halliwell

Horse: Zebedee’s Son

Normal Name: Zebedee’s Son

Sponsor: None

Designer: Amanda Wakeley

Owner: Star Contractors

Trainer: Phil York


Tamara Warhurst

Horse: Harrods Hot Hooves

Normal Name: Conry

Sponsor: Harrods

Designer: Riviera Rebel

Owner: Mr & Mrs H Palmer

Trainer: Ian Williams


Victoria Gray


Normal Name: Tax Reform

Sponsor: Dove

Designer: Vivienne Westwood

Owner: Michael Baldry

Trainer: Natalie Lloyd – Beavis



The draw ceremony for the £250,000 Qatar Stewards’ Cup will take place in the winner’s enclosure tomorrow, Thursday, July 28, 11.30am for a prompt start at 12 noon. Champagne and refreshments will be offered.


The famous six-furlong heritage handicap is staged at 3.45pm on the fifth and final day of the Qatar Goodwood Festival (Saturday, July 30) and connections will have the chance to select their draw position at tomorrow’s ceremony.


There is a maximum field of 28 for the Qatar Stewards’ Cup, final declarations for which are made at 10.00am tomorrow.


Horses which fail to make the cut are eligible for the consolation race, the £75,000 Qatar Stewards’ Sprint Handicap, which is the opening race at 2.00pm on Saturday.




Frankie Dettori remains six winners short of his 3,000th British winner after the three-time British Champion jockey failed to register a winner on the first day of the 2016 Qatar Goodwood Festival.


Dettori’s best result came in the Weatherbys Private Bank Handicap (4.20pm) aboard market leader Thesme for Nigel Tinkler, who finished a half-length second to Boom The Groom.


Dettori has six rides at the Sussex venue today, including this year’s QIPCO 2000 Guineas and St James’s Palace Stakes victor Galileo Gold in the Group One showpiece, the Qatar Sussex Stakes.


Hugo Palmer’s three-year-old colt renews his rivalry with Aidan O’Brien’s The Gurkha and Kevin Prendergast’s Awtaad who filled the placings behind Dettori’s mount at Royal Ascot in June.


Dettori has won the Qatar Sussex Stakes four times, aboard Second Set (1991), Aljabr (1999), Noverre (2001) and Ramonti (2007).


Dettori’s six mounts today are:

Platitude (BeringIce Gordon Stakes, 2.35pm)

Galileo Gold (Qatar Sussex Stakes, 3.10pm)

Global Applause (Victoria Racing Club Molecomb Stakes, 3.45pm)

The Lacemaker (Markel Insurance Fillies’ Maiden, 4.20pm)

Shaan (EBF Breeders’ Series Veuve Clicquot Fillies’ Handicap, 4.55pm)

Afjaan (Natwest Handicap, 5.25pm)


Dettori’s five rides tomorrow are:

High Shields (Matchbook Betting Exchange Handicap, 2.00pm)

Mehmas (Qatar Richmond Stakes, 2.35pm)

Sandro Botticelli (Qatar Goodwood Cup, 3.10pm)

Mill Springs (Markel Insurance Fillies’ Stakes, 3.45pm)

Amabilis (Dove 100 Colours EBF British Stallion Studs Fillies’ Maiden, 4.20pm)


Dettori four rides on Friday are:

Ayrad (Betfred Glorious Stakes, 2.00pm)

They Seek Him Here (Bonhams Thoroughbred Stakes, 2.35pm)

Monks Stand (Betfred Supportd Jack Berry House Nursery Handicap, 4.20pm)

Al Neksh (Betfred Mobile Handicap, 5.30pm)


Dettori’s five rides yesterday finished:

Tupi (Qatar Lennox Stakes, 3.10pm) - Sixth

Gold Prince (Better Odds with Matchbook Summer Handicap, 3.45pm) - Fifth

Thesme (Weatherbys Private Bank Handicap, 4.20pm) - Second

Mazyoun (Irish Thoroughbred Marketing EBF Stallions Maiden, 4.55pm) - Sixth

Shwaimsa (Smarter Bets with Matchbook Betting Exchange Fillies’ Handicap, 5.30pm) – Tenth







A rematch between last year’s first and second is one of several intriguing elements that make tomorrow’s Qatar Goodwood Cup one of the highlights of this year’s Qatar Goodwood Festival.


Big Orange, trained by Michael Bell, held bragging rights over runner-up Quest For More 12 months ago, although there was just a neck between the pair and a short-head back to third-placed Trip To Paris, creating a thrilling finish that lingers in the memory. Jamie Spencer, who rode Big Orange last year, renews that partnership, while George Baker is back on Quest For More for Roger Charlton.


More recently Big Orange won the Group Two Princess of Wales’ Stakes at Newmarket’s July meeting,  while Quest For More was third of 10 in the Listed Silver Cup at York.


Last year’s fourth, the Sir Mark Prescott-trained Pallasator, returns for another crack at the race. He won at Sandown in May, and, while unplaced in Royal Ascot’s Gold Cup, he showed better when fourth at Sandown earlier this month – the winner of that race, Sandro Botticelli from John Ryan’s stable, is in opposition again tomorrow. Frankie Dettori partners Sandro Botticelli, Oisin Murphy rides Pallasator, while Adam Kirby is expected to renew his association with Commissioned, who he rode to victory in Royal Ascot’s Queen Alexandra Stakes last month.


Commissioned was making his debut in the colours of a Nick Bradley Racing syndicate on that occasion, having raced over hurdles for his former trainer, John Ferguson, through last winter.


Trained by Gordon Elliott, Commissioned is one of three Irish runners in the Qatar Goodwood Cup, the others being three-year-old Sword Fighter from Aidan O’Brien’s stable, and the Willie Mullins-trained Wicklow Brave. They were also in action at the Royal Meeting, with Sword Fighter landing the Queen’s Vase, while Wicklow Brave finished sixth  in the Hardwicke Stakes.


Ralph Beckett runs Kinema, a horse that will forever be in his affections having become his first Royal Ascot winner. Kinema landed the Duke Of Edinburgh Handicap, and showed his liking for Goodwood when winning a handicap at the May meeting, but he will be trying two miles for the first time when lining up tomorrow with Richard Kingscote in the saddle.


The same comment applies to the David Simcock-trained Curbyourenthusiasm, who ran well on his season’s debut at York, and who is joined in the line-up by his stablemate Sheikhzayedroad, who was sixth in the Qatar Goodwood Cup last year. One place behind was Oriental Fox, who returns for another attempt on the prize.


He travels from the Yorkshire stable of Mark Johnston, while Glaring has a much shorter trip to Goodwood, being trained at Pulborough in Sussex by Amanda Perrett, whose Astronereus is now a non-runner because of lameness.





The triumph that is the Qatar Goodwood Festival and the tragedy that took the life of leading amateur jockey J T McNamara are themes in today’s national press.


The racing is high-class, rolling easily from a superb opening day into one of the highlights of the year, today’s £1m Group One Qatar Sussex Stakes, in which a trio of Guineas-winning colts take on older milers in a riveting encounter. Graham Dench, writing in the Racing Post, reflects on recent renewals of the race which have fallen to such stars as Frankel, Kingman and Solow, but they all started as odds-on favourites. “Today, however,” writes Dench, “we have a horserace, and it promises to be a cracker – quite possibly the defining mile race of the entire season.”


The thousands who flock to Goodwood are in for a treat, although finding the winner in such an open race will be a challenge. The Sun, the only national newspaper which today publishes a racing pullout, gives a steer, with Steve Jones (Templegate) proclaiming “Cut the bookies down to size with The Gurkha.”


McNamara’s sad death at just 41 – the result of a race-riding fall that led to three years as a tetraplegic before complications from that physical debilitation took his final breath – serves as a reminder of racing’s ‘two impostors’. It serves up  triumph and tragedy in a way few other sports can match.


Yet the swathes of press photographs published today serve as a library of the Irishman’s time in the saddle – during which he rode some 600 winners – and convey his countless moments of elation. He was lucky to have experienced more thrills than most of us should we live to twice his age.


Tributes from figures in racing abound, while the Daily Mirror’s Newsboy, writes on page 21 of the paper: “McNamara has succumbed in his fight, but his spirit lives on.” The Daily Telegraph’s Marcus Armytage quotes jockey Barry Geraghty saying of McNamara: “He was unbelievably brave, but his bravery in the saddle was nothing like the bravery he showed after that awful fall.”


Alastair Down of the Racing Post, pondering McNamara’s position, writes: “J T fought a battle with just his mental virility and unflagging soul as weapons.”


A P McCoy uses his column in The Times to pay fulsome tribute, but also to acknowledge the human condition that enables us to rise above loss and fear. He writes: “How did we all come to terms with his accident? We didn’t. You just live for the moment, the excitement. Sometimes the thrill is in the danger, and unfortunately some pay the price more than others.” McCoy is also quoted in I saying: “He was every bit as experienced and talented as me, but he had a fall,” which conveys the fickle nature of ill-luck. Mick Fitzgerald, quoted by Greg Wood in The Guardian, says: “Each time I think about him it makes me smile . . . that’s the greatest thing you can say about anybody.”


The Qatar Sussex Stakes sets a conundrum for press tipsters because there are so many top-class options. English Guineas winner Galileo Gold is selected by Marcus Townend of the Daily Mail and Patrick Weaver of the Daily Star, but French Guineas winner The Gurkha is the choice of The Guardian’s Chris Cook, Spotlight in the Racing Post and Rob Wright of The Times. Newsboy of the Daily Mirror sticks his neck out a little further by opting for Irish Guineas victor Awtaad, while The Daily Telegraph’s Tom Peacock veers off-piste by writing, “Lightning Spear appeals as a solid alternative”.


Yesterday’s action was highlighted by a double for jockey Adam Kirby and another demonstration of James McDonald’s saddle skills as he drove Dutch Connection to victory in the featured Group Two Qatar Lennox Stakes. McDonald, who is based in Australia as Godolphin’s retained jockey, is on an extended spell in Britain, and has made the most of opportunities. Tom Peacock, writing in The Daily Telegraph, says: “McDonald has the look of a jockey poised to feature at the world’s marquee events for some time.”


Peacock adds: “McDonald’s day was not all roses,” a reference to an 11-day ban he picked up in a later race for excessive whip use. At least the holiday can be taken at home in Australia, for he is booked to fly back there this weekend. The Sun’s pithy sub-editors do not miss the opportunity, printing the headline, ‘Home James . . . and don’t spare the horses’. Chris Goulding of the Daily Express tells readers McDonald came to fame in his native New Zealand, “when breaking the record with 200 winners from 896 rides in a season”. That is some strike-rate.










The Group Two King George Stakes (3.45pm) is one of the highlights of the fourth day of the Qatar Goodwood Festival. Run over five furlongs and open to horses three years and older, a myriad of top-class sprinters have been successful in this race. They include former Nunthorpe winner Kingsgate Native (2009), ex-Stewards’ Cup winner Bordelescott (2010) and Australian sprinter Ortensia (2012).  Last year’s renewal was won by William Haggas’ Muthmir who runs again this year. A field of 17 is due to line up for the £312,100 contest.


The market for this year’s race is headed by Marsha for Sir Mark Prescott and Luke Morris. The three-year-old filly has won her last two starts in Listed company, with a two and a half-length victory at Ayr in June followed by a neck success at York this month.


The Michael Dods-trained Easton Angel has won two of her three starts this year. The three-year-old won Listed contests at York and Sandown in May and June respectively, before finishing a neck second to Marsha in the City Walls Stakes earlier this month at York.


Aidan O’Brien, successful in this contest with Dietrich in 2001, saddles Washington DC who ran creditably in Group One company on his last two starts. The son of Zoffany was a one and a half-length third in the Commonwealth Cup at Royal Ascot before finishing a three and three-quarter length fifth in the July Cup at Newmarket.


Pearl Secret runs in the colours of Qatar Racing Limited. David Barron’s seven year-old was a two and three-quarter length fourth in last year’s Prix De L’Abbaye at Longchamp but was a well-beaten 14th in the King’s Stand Stakes at Ascot in June.


Last year’s winner Muthmir aims to become the sixth horse to win back-to-back King George Stakes with Lochsong in 1993 and 1994 the last horse to achieve the feat. William Haggas’ six-year-old finished a length behind Marsha at York in July. Ajaya, a well-beaten sixth in a Group Two at Haydock in May, completes the Haggas duo.


The David Griffiths-trained Take Cover attempts to become the first horse in the race’s history to regain his King George crown. The nine-year-old won the King George Stakes in 2014 and was second last year. The gelding was a six and a half-length 11th in the King’s Stand Stakes at Royal Ascot on his last start.


Cotai Glory represents Charlie Hills and George Baker. The four-year-old was 13th in the July Cup at Newmarket last time, having previously finished a neck second in the King’s Stand Stakes at Royal Ascot.


Kachy, a length second in the Commonwealth Cup at Royal Ascot, represents Tom Dascombe and Richard Kingscote. The son of Kyllachy won the five-furlong Molecomb Stakes at last year’s Qatar Goodwood Festival.


The 2015 Prix De L’Abbaye and King’s Stand Stakes winner Goldream, trained by Robert Cowell, will be having his first start in Britain this year following two runs in Meydan in March. Cowell also runs Spirit Quartz, who finished a seven-length fifth at Sandown earlier this month.


David O’Meara saddles Move In Time, a three-quarter length second at Hamilton in June with Paul Midgley’s Line Of Reason a further three-quarters of a length back in third.


French raider Finsbury Square, trained by Fabrice Chappet, Kevin Ryan’s Goken, Mick Channon’s Divine and Charlie Appleby’s Jungle Cat, fourth in King’s Stand at Royal Ascot, complete the field.




A maximum field of 22 has been declared for Friday’s £150,000 Betfred Mile (3.10pm) at the Qatar Goodwood Festival, for which the sponsors make Franklin D the red-hot 3/1 favourite. The mile event is one of the richest handicaps in Europe and was first run in 1987 when 8/1 shot Waajib continued his progress to land the then Schweppes Golden Mile before going on to win the Queen Anne Stakes at Royal Ascot the following year.


It took until 2004 for a favourite to oblige, when Ancient World landed some hefty bets to score for Godolphin and trainer Saeed bin Suroor at odds of 9/2. Franklin D has been all the rage for this year’s race since he posted a facile six-length victory at Newmarket’s July Course and the Michael Bell-trained colt has the services of Ryan Moore in the saddle on Friday afternoon.


Sir Mark Prescott’s Celestial Path and the five-year-old Donncha are likely to give the market leader most to think about, according to the sponsors, who make the pair the 10/1 joint-second favourites. The former has yet to post a victory this season but showed he was coming back to form when a fine second behind Home Cummins at York last time out, while the Robert Eddery-trained Donncha was also runner-up on his last start when a length and a half behind Secret Art at Sandown. Prescott is no stranger to success in this race, having trained Spectait to win the 2006 running.


Newmarket trainer Marco Botti saddles an interesting contender in Azraaf (12/1), who finished a fine fourth in the Royal Hunt Cup on his penultimate start, while Malton has a strong hand in the shape of One Word More (12/1), trained by Tim Easterby (who trained the 1998 winner For Your Eyes Only), and the Richard Fahey-trained Gabrial’s Kaka (20/1). Fahey also saddles Third Time Lucky (16/1), who is partnered by his former stable jockey Paul Hanagan, now the retained jockey for Sheikh Hamdan al Maktoum.


Last year’s winner Belgian Bill (14/1) is back to try and become the first horse to win back-to-back runnings of this race and the George Baker-trained gelding is reunited with Pat Cosgrave, who was successful on board the eight-year-old last year. If he is victorious, he will become the oldest horse to win the Betfred Mile, having recorded that particular record 12 months ago.


Top-weight (9st 10lb) is carried by the Andrew Balding-trained Here Comes When (25/1), who returns to the Qatar Goodwood Festival for the second successive year, having finished fourth in the 2015 Qatar Sussex Stakes behind Solow. Middleham trainer Karl Burke, fresh from his Group One success in the Commonwealth Cup at Royal Ascot with Quiet Reflection, saddles You’re Fired (16/1), with promising apprentice Jordan Vaughan claiming a valuable five pounds.


Of the bigger priced horses, Godolphin’s Outlaw Country, trained by Charlie Appleby, is the most interesting, having been off the track since October, 2014. The thrice-raced colt was last seen finishing second behind this year’s Lincoln Handicap winner Secret Brief at Newmarket in the Tattersalls Millions 2YO Trophy. He could prove to be a spot of each-way value at 25/1 with Betfred if he picks up where he left off.








Matchbook, the official betting partner of the first three days of the Qatar Goodwood Festival reported brisk business ahead of the second day of the meeting.


In today’s feature race, the Group One Qatar Sussex Stakes (3.10pm), Galileo Gold, the QIPCO 2000 Guineas and St James’s Palace Stakes winner has drifted from 2.71 (7/4) to 3.5 (5/2) this morning. Aidan O’Brien’s The Gurkha has also been on the slide and is now 3.0 (2/1) from 2.75 (7/4). By contrast, Awtaad, who finished behind the aforementioned pair at Royal Ascot is 7.0 (6/1) from 8.0 (7/1) with Matchbook reporting good support for the three-year-old colt.


In the first race of the day, the Matchbook Betting Exchange Handicap (2.00pm), the firm have reported good support for David Simcock’s The Cashel Man who currently shades favouritism at 6.5 (11/2) having been backed down from 8.0 (7/1) this morning.


The Ed Dunlop-trained Global Applause is being well supported for the Group Three Victoria Racing Club Molecomb Stakes (3.45pm). The two-year-old is 4.0 (3/1 favourite) from 5.0 (4/1) for the five-furlong contest.


Afjaan, trained by William Haggas, has been backed for the concluding race of the day, the NatWest Handicap (5.25pm). The son of Henrythenavigator is 3.5 (5/2) from 4.0 (3/1).


As for the rest of the week, Big Orange is a solid favourite for tomorrow’s feature race, the Qatar Goodwood Cup. Michael Bell’s gelding is 5.5 (9/2) with the exchange.


Aidan O’Brien’s Minding, the Investec Oaks winner, has also been heavily supported and is 1.5 (1/2) for the Qatar Nassau Stakes on Saturday.


The Dandy Nicholls-trained Orion’s Bow heads favouritism for Saturday’s Qatar Stewards Cup. He is strong according to Matchbook at around 7.0 (6/1).


Reflecting on yesterday’s racing, a representative for Matchbook said: “Yesterday was a momentous day for all at Matchbook with the launch of our new horse racing product as an Authorised Betting Partner of British Horse Racing.


“The first day of Glorious Goodwood is an iconic day for racing bettors, and yesterday didn’t disappoint as we saw huge turnover across the day on all events, particularly on the opening Matchbook Betting Exchange Goodwood Stakes.


“Feedback from our customers has been overwhelming, and feedback from the course has been even better.  We had fantastic weather, great crowds and glorious racing.


“It certainly has delivered on the optimism we had, and has really validated our decision to choose this iconic festival from which to launch the newest version of Matchbook.”




Adam Kirby and David Probert, who had falls yesterday during the opening day of the Qatar Goodwood Festival, have been passed fit to ride today by the course doctor.


Kirby, who still looked sore when arriving at the track, enjoyed a double yesterday and heads the Racing UK leading jockey award.


Both jockeys have two rides on today’s card.










Star Rider dug deep and showed her rivals how to win a marathon race when landing the Matchbook Betting Exchange Handicap over two miles and five furlongs.


Bred by her owners, Ben and Sir Martyn Arbib, ridden by Jimmy Fortune and trained by Hughie Morrison, four-year-old Star Rider won by two lengths from Percy Veer, and there were two heads back to third and fourth, Oceane and Poyle Thomas. The winner, Morrison’s eighth success in the past 14 days, started at 11/1. It was Morrison’s 25th Goodwood success and fourth at the Qatar Goodwood Festival.


Star Rider had a win over two miles to her name, but had never tackled this sort of trip, and Morrison said: “I didn’t come here with a lot of options and I thought the ground would be too quick. It’s a long, long way and you don’t usually win this sort of race with a four-year-old. She’s got a pedigree and can travel, and she tries.


“I still feel she would prefer a bit of juice in the ground, and [tongue in cheek] if we can find a nice Listed race over two and a half miles that would be great. Two-miles-plus races are hard to find, and I have a similar problem with a filly called Sweet Selection who is in the same category. There should be more races for this type of horse because it proves they can breathe, they are sound and they try. If we carry on breeding nothing but sprinters we are all going to get very bored. The Cesarewitch or possibly the Long Distance Cup could be options for this filly later on.


“Martyn and Ben are very sporting, and if there is a big entry later in the year they will take it. They bred her, and have a very nice half-sister, and it’s great to see their breeding operation working.


He added of his purple patch: “They weren’t right in the spring, but we backed off them and didn’t trash them. It’s an awful relief when it works, when your judgement is played out. We’re glad they are running well now – often we start well in May and June, then go off the boil in July, but this year we got going later.


“You can only go with what the horses give you, and if they are not right they come later.”


2:00 Matchbook Betting Exchange Goodwood Handicap

1 STAR RIDER (Ben & Sir Martyn Arbib) Hughie Morrison 4-8-13 Jimmy Fortune 11/1

2 Percy Veer (Mr & Mrs M Crow) Sylvester Kirk 4-8-10 Edward Greatrex (3) 14/1

3 Oceane (McNeill Family) Alan King 4-9-00 Fergus Sweeney 11/1

4 Poyle Thomas (Celia & Alison Wiggins) Ralph Beckett 7-9-06 Richard Kingscote 10/1


11/2 Fav The Cashel Mean (14th)

20 ran

Time: 4m 32.87s

Distances: 2, hd, hd

Tote Win £13.10 Tote Place £3.50,£3.40,£3.00,£3.10 Exacta £228.00

Breeder: Arbib Bloodstock Partnership

Breeding: gr f Cape Cross (IRE) – Starfala (Galileo (IRE))


Hughie Morrison – 25 Goodwood wins (4 at Qatar Goodwood Festival)

Jimmy Fortune – 83 Goodwood wins (24 at Qatar Goodwood Festival)




Jockey Jimmy Fortune got off the mark at this year’s Qatar Goodwood Festival after Star Rider ran out the decisive two-length winner of the Matchbook Betting Exchange Goodwood Handicap over two miles and five furlongs at Goodwood this afternoon.


The 11/1 shot was always handy as the field embarked on the marathon handicap and Fortune settled his filly nicely as his rivals set a fierce pace.


Star Rider was still travelling kindly for her jockey as the field turned for home and the result was never in any doubt after Fortune steered the four-year-old Cape Cross filly to the front and the pair scampered clear to record an easy victory.


The 20-strong field were a bit too keen to get on with things and had to try again after a false start. Fortune admitted that most of his fellow jockeys were anxious to get a good start.


“I was happy with her position when the race started but I’m not that used to these tape starts!” said the jockey.


“We were all eager to get off quickly. I aimed to be handy – you can always drop back when you start handy but it’s not that easy to make ground in these big fields when you’re at the back.


“Her best form up to today was on softer ground so I was a little concerned as I thought she wanted to get her toe in. The longer trip helped in that respect I suppose.


“She’s a light filly and travelled really well. I was always confident all the way round – she’s travelled that nicely. She’s a very tough filly and had a nice racing weight so I was happy to kick on when I did.


“We didn’t really know how far she stayed so we were in the dark. She’s an improving filly and sometimes you don’t know how much they’ll improve. Maybe she is good enough to get some black type in the future.”


The victory gave Fortune his 83rd winner at Goodwood, 24 of which have come at the Qatar Goodwood Festival.




The Alan King-trained Oceane (11/1) was a fast-finishing third in the Matchbook Betting Exchange Goodwood Handicap, the first race on day two of the Qatar Goodwood Festival.


Having travelled nicely throughout the two mile and five furlong contest, the four-year-old came with a late run   to finish a head behind second-placed Percy Veer and a further two lengths behind 11/1 winner Star Rider.


King commented: “Sadly, he didn’t have another half-furlong to run at. He has run a great race today and he has proved that the ground and trip are OK for him.


“I would like to run him in the Cesarewitch but he will have to go up a few pounds to get into that race. I’ll look to run him in a Cesarewitch trial to see how he fares so that he can hopefully get into the race itself.


“In the winter, he will go back jumping but he will probably be given a midwinter break as he doesn’t like soft ground. “


Fergus Sweeney, Oceane’s jockey added: “I just didn’t get the run when I needed it.”




Jockeys reported their views of the ground after the first race on day two the Qatar Goodwood Festival.


Jimmy Fortune, jockey of the two-length winner Star Rider, said: “It is good to firm ground out there.”


Richard Kingscote, on board fourth-placed Poyle Thomas, said: “It is good to firm ground.”


Ryan Tate, aboard seventh-placed Wind Place And Sho, commented: “It’s good, nice ground.”


Franny Norton, aboard Perfect Summer (12th), described the ground as: “Nice.”


Andrea Atzeni, rider of Iftiraaq (17th), commented: “The ground is the same as yesterday.”


Sivestre de Sousa, partner of last-placed Diamond Joel, remarked: “It is good ground.”


Jim Crowley, aboard the pulled-up Seaside Sizzler, said: “It is fast ground.”




Jockey Adam Kirby, who had a fall yesterday but passed the doctor to partner Teak (10th) in the first race of the day, will not ride again today at Goodwood. Dane O’Neill will now be up on Kodi Bear in the Group One Qatar Sussex Stakes.









Trainer Sir Michael Stoute was delighted with the performance of Ulysses after the 9/2 second-favourite ran out the impressive half-length winner of the BeringIce Gordon Stakes at the Qatar Goodwood Festival this afternoon.


The son of 2001 Investec Derby hero Galileo, who is regally bred being out of the 2007 Investec Oaks winner Light Shift, was always travelling smoothly for jockey Andrea Atzeni and accelerated smartly when asked for his effort two furlongs from home.


The pair had to dig deep to repel the challenge of runner-up The Major General in the closing stages but Ulysses had the class to prevail.


The three-year-old had previously finished a well beaten 12th of 16 in the Investec Derby at Epsom but suffered a particularly troubled passage that day, so it was particularly pleasing for his trainer that he bounced back to form this afternoon.


“He got murdered in the Derby,” said Stoute shortly after the race.


“He was badly interfered with twice at Epsom so it turned into a non-event really. I’m very pleased as we thought this horse had a lot of potential and he’s beginning to show it now.


“We just backed off with him after Epsom and brought him along slowly for this race. He will have learned a lot today. I didn’t want him to get involved in any trouble so I asked Andrea to bring him to the outside and just give him a nice smooth ride. He’ll go on fast ground and good ground. With the acceleration that he shows, you don’t want to run him on bad ground. To be fair, it was pretty bad when he ran at Newbury as a two-year-old but he handled it adequately there


“He won’t go to the St Leger. He can go 10 or 12 furlongs but we wouldn’t go further. He’s in the Great Voltigeur (at York) and also in the Eugene Adam (at Maisons-Laffitte) but we’ll take him home and see how he is. In terms of Group One races for the rest of the year, he’ll have to show us if he’s ready for them. His next target will be important and will tell us more.”


Ulysses’ victory gave Sir Michael Stoute his 173rd winner at Goodwood and his 72nd winner at the Qatar Goodwood Festival. He is both the leading current trainer at Goodwood and at the Qatar Goodwood Festival.




Jockey Andrea Atzeni registered his first success of the 2016 Qatar Goodwood Festival aboard 9/2 shot Ulysses in the Group Three BeringIce Gordon Stakes.


Following a disappointing 12th placed-finish in the Investec Derby last time, the three-year-old colt bounced back to form in style for Sir Michael Stoute and Atzeni, providing the Italian with his 16th victory at Goodwood and his sixth at the Qatar Goodwood Festival.


The colt settled and travelled well throughout the one mile and four furlong contest and turning for home, Atzeni unleashed the son of Galileo on the outside.


Ulysses responded well to Atzeni’s urgings to quicken up inside the final furlong and repel the challenge of Aidan O’Brien’s placed duo The Major General and Shogun to record a half-length success.


Atzeni said: “He is still a little experienced now and is still learning how to race. He was still keen today but he loves nice ground and he appreciated that today.


“Before the Derby he felt like a very balanced horse and I don’t think it was the track that beat him that day. The ground was too soft for him then and he has showed what a different horse he is on better ground today.


“We knew there wasn’t going to be much pace before the race. I didn’t want to be too far back so I didn’t rush him and I just gave him every chance early on. Sir Michael said to me the best thing was to give him a nice clear run when we wanted to and he did pick up well all the way to the line.


“The way he picked up between the last two furlongs put the race to bed fairly quickly. He probably idled in front.


“He has a high cruising speed. He gets a mile and a half well but I don’t think he will get any further. If anything he might come back in trip. Sir Michael will have a plan for him. I’m just delighted to get the ride on him again.”


2.35pm G3 BeringIce Gordon Stakes

1 ULYSSES (Niarchos Family) Sir Michael Stoute 3-9-01 Andrea Atzeni 9/2

2 The Major General (Sue Magnier/Michael Tabor/Markus Jooste/Bernard Kantor) Aidan O’Brien IRE 3-9-01 Seamie Heffernan 11/1

3 Shogun (Derrick Smith, Sue Magnier, Michael Tabor & Annemarie O’Brien) 3-9-01 Ryan Moore 13/2


4/1 Fav Platitude (8th)

9 ran

Time: 2m 38.37s

Distances: ½, 1½

Tote Win £4.00 Tote Place £1.70,£2.80,£2.20 Exacta £45.10

Breeder: Flaxman Stables Ireland Ltd

Breeding: ch c Galileo (IRE) – Light Shift (USA) (Kingmambo (USA))


Sir Michael Stoute – 173 Goodwood wins (72 at Qatar Goodwood Festival)

Andrea Atzeni – 16 Goodwood wins (6 at Qatar Goodwood Festival)




Ulysses won the Group Three BeringIce Gordon Stakes, keeping the Aidan O’Brien-trained pair of The Major General and Shogun at bay.


The winner scored by half a length from The Major General, who was one and a half lengths ahead of his stable companion. Another Irish runner, Qatari Hunter, from Jim Bolger’s stable, was a short-head further back in fourth.


The Major General seemed to appreciate running on a quicker surface, having finished unplaced on softer ground in two handicaps on recent starts, while similar applies to Shogun, who was very disappointing in the Investec Derby and the Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby.


O’Brien said: “They both ran well, and finished off their races well. They would like the quicker ground – it was too soft for Shogun in the Derby.”


Asked whether they might be Ladbrokes St Leger candidates, O’Brien said: “They could be, but whether they would stay that far I don’t know. They seem very happy over a mile and a half.”










The Aidan O’Brien-trained The Gurkha ran out a gutsy winner of the Group One Qatar Sussex Stakes, the feature race on day two of the Qatar Goodwood Festival. Following two creditable runs in defeat in the St James’s Palace Stakes at Royal Ascot and the Coral-Eclipse at Sandown, O’Brien’s charge seemed to appreciate the return to a faster surface.


Having broken well under Ryan Moore, registering his first success in the £1-million race, the well-backed 11/8 favourite always travelled kindly on the rail in behind market rival Galileo Gold. Turning for home, the son of Galileo looked to be travelling best of the 10 runners but got slightly caught for room approaching the two-furlong pole.


However, once Moore found daylight on the French Guineas winner, The Gurkha responded well to his jockey’s urgings to quicken up nicely and battle on gamely all the way to the line, fending off the late challenge of Galileo Gold by a neck with Godolphin’s Ribchester a further short-head back in third.


O’Brien, registering his fifth success in the Group One feature and his 15th victory at the Qatar Goodwood Festival, said: “Ryan was prepared to make the running today if no-one was going to make it but I presume he was happy where he was.”


The Ballydoyle handler was quick to point out that the three-year-old’s run last time on soft ground in the 10-furlong Coral-Eclipse was a far from ideal preparation. He commented: “We always thought he was a very fast horse, he has an awful lot of speed. He was always a fast Galileo. But we took a chance at Sandown over a stiff mile and a quarter in soft ground and we were just worried that it took a lot out of him but from day one he has always been very quick.


“He is a good traveller who handles fast ground very well and quickens very well. I suppose he is also very courageous which is why he has run the races he did like when we took him out of his comfort zone at Sandown [Coral-Eclipse] and even at Royal Ascot where the ground was soft.


“Obviously, we know he goes in soft ground but he is at his best on fast ground. I think he’ll probably go back and get a mile and a quarter but his ideal trip is a mile I imagine. In an ideal world, we want to keep him on fast ground. He is a very low fast-moving horse.


“It has been tough on him. The lads have been happy with him. But I was worried about him as he has had such a big career crammed into a very short time. He has danced every danced all the way along and he has been turned out plenty. I’m delighted. Ryan gave him a brilliant ride.


“We have been hard on the horse. We haven’t wrapped him up or protected him. The soft ground at Sandown got into him a little bit.”


As to the future, O’Brien outlined a list of potential targets for the exciting colt. He said: “The lads will decide, if he needs to go back up in trip, he won’t mind going back up particularly if it is fast ground as you wouldn’t mind going back up at a fairly level track. He has lots of options.


“He could go to France for the mile race, Leopardstown for the Champion Stakes or head to York [Juddmonte]. Obviously, York would be the easiest mile and a quarter and Leopardstown would be the stiffest mile and a quarter. I suppose we will have to see how he comes out of today.”


O’Brien added: “The horses are running really well and they are coming on from run-to-run.”




The Gurkha avenged his defeat by Galileo Gold in the St James’ Palace Stakes at Royal Ascot by producing a performance full of class in the Group One Qatar Sussex Stakes at the Qatar Goodwood Festival this afternoon.


The 11/8 favourite was always on the heels of the pacesetting Galileo Gold, under Frankie Dettori, but produced an instant turn of foot to get in front of his rival when jockey Ryan Moore asked him for his effort and the pair battled to the line, with The Gurkha prevailing by a neck, with Ribchester a further short-head behind the runner-up Galileo Gold.


Moore was happy with the performance after the race and thought the better ground had helped him turn the tables on the runner-up.


“Frankie got the run of the race and he was able to dictate terms,” said Moore.


“They are both very good colts. My horse was a lot happier back on good ground today and I think he’ll be even better on faster. He travelled very well and showed a lot of pace through the race. I was confident that my horse would be able to get himself out of any position today and go and win. He’s had a tough campaign but he’s done very little wrong. It all points to him being a very exciting horse for the rest of the year.”


“He hasn’t stood still this season. He had quick ground at Deauville (when The Gurkha won the French 2,000 Guineas) and I’d have liked it a bit quicker today. The quick ground helps him as he’s a quick horse – he’s got a lot of pace. He travels very well. Ascot didn’t work out for him but it was dead ground there and he was only just touched off at Sandown.


“I didn’t want to be where I was at Ascot but unfortunately he just stepped slowly. The way the cards fell, there were pacemakers that also missed the kick so Frankie was able to get to the front on Galileo Gold and I had a lot of horses in front of me. Galileo Gold is a very good horse and I wouldn’t take anything away from him. They are both good horses.


“The Gurkha has won a French Guineas and now a Sussex Stakes so I’d say his best trip is a mile.”


The Gurkha’s victory gave Moore his first success in the Qatar Sussex Stakes.




A fabulous three-way finish ensured the £1-million Group One Qatar Sussex Stakes lived up to its pre-race billing as one of the races of the season.


Three-year-olds dominated, with The Gurkha, winner of the Irish 2,000 Guineas, beating the front-running, Frankie Dettori-ridden, Galileo Gold by a neck – reversing their places in last month’s St James’s Palace Stakes at Royal Ascot – while there was just a short-head back to the third Ribchester who was clear of another Godolphin horse Toormore.

Hugo Palmer, who trains Galileo Gold for Sheikh Joaan’s Al Shaqab Racing, said: “I’m disappointed to lose, but immensely proud of the horse. We were slightly hoping something else would make the running, but in the absence of a pacemaker we were hostage to our own fortune.


“Frankie got it absolutely right, and went the perfect gallop in front, giving the horse every chance to hang on, but he didn’t quite. It’s very hard to lead a field of that quality from pillar to post, and not many horses in history have done it – I’m not sure we’ll try to do it again.


“I could see how well The Gurkha was going in behind, and I wasn’t sure how much Frankie had left. The answer was he had a lot left, because we were only beaten a neck.


“We’ve now beaten Awtaad [eighth today] twice and by clear daylight, leading me to ask how did we get beaten by him in the Irish Guineas? I just can’t help thinking my horses weren’t at their best at that time. The three-year-olds have come out on top today, but the older horses didn’t include Gleneagles – they were So Beloved, Lightning Spear and Toormore, admirable horses, but not the best of their generation. Every year the media cannot decide who will win the Guineas or Derby so say it is a bad group of three-year-olds, but you should wait until Goodwood before deciding. The likes of Hawkbill, Minding, The Gurkha and Galileo Gold all look well up to standard.”


Richard Fahey, who saddled Ribchester for Godolphin, was happy with the colt, who had to switch off the rail a furlong and a half out, come wide and then took time to reach full stride – he finished best of all. Fahey said: “James [Doyle] was delighted with him – he’s a horse with loads of pace and James just wished they had gone a bit quicker in order to give him a bit of room with which to work. It didn’t happen, but he ran a blinder.


“He’s still a big baby and is learning his trade – it’s just as well James did switch him because there was no room down the inside, but James said he changed his legs and came home really well. He was four strides from winning – perhaps they should have made the race another 20 yards longer! That’s racing.


“He’s progressing and going the right way, and we’ve been very pleased with him at home. We felt he had improved a lot as three-year-olds do, and on this ground he is only going to get better and better. It was a worry in the back of my mind as to how he would handle this ground – we’ve not avoided it, but just haven’t had a chance to race on it. We’ve now got a horse that can go anywhere.


“There are plenty of races for him, but I will have to speak to John [Ferguson, chief executive and racing manager of Godolphin]. This morning I put him in the Prix Jacques Le Marois next month, and I wouldn’t swap my horse for any other. I’m delighted, but frustrated to be beaten so narrowly. He’s all up in the air and still needs to learn to race – he could be a champion next year.”


3.10pm Qatar Sussex Stakes

£1,000,000 guaranteed For 3yo+ Weights 3yo colts & geldings 9st; fillies 8st 11lb; 4yo+ colts & geldings 9st 8lb; fillies 9st 5lb Entries 50 pay £ 3750 Confirmed 14 pay £ 2500.00 Penalty value 1st £560,200.00 2nd £213,300.00 3rd £106,800.00 4th £53,300.00 5th £26,700.00 6th £13,400.00


1 (3) THE GURKHA (Derrick Smith, Sue Magnier & Michael Tabor) Aidan O’Brien, Ireland t3-9-00 Ryan Moore 11/8 Fav

2 (6) Galileo Gold (Al Shaqab Racing) Hugo Palmer 3-9-00 Frankie Dettori 9/4

3 (2) Ribchester (Godolphin) Richard Fahey 3-9-00 James Doyle 8/1

4 (4) Toormore Richard Hannon 5-9-08 James McDonald

5 (1) Gabrial Richard Fahey 7-9-08 Jimmy Fortune

6 (8) Lightning Spear David Simcock 5-9-08 Oisin Murphy

7 (9) So Beloved David O’Meara 6-9-08 Daniel Tudhope

8 (10) Awtaad Kevin Prendergast, Ireland 3-9-00 Chris Hayes

9 (5) Kodi Bear Clive Cox 4-9-08 Dane O’Neill

10 (7) Richard Pankhurst John Gosden 4-9-08 Andrea Atzeni


10 ran

Time: 1m 37.35s

Distances: nk, sh, 3, nk, ¾, nk, hd, ½, 4½

Tote Win £2.10 Tote Place £1.02,£1.70,£3.00 Exacta £5.10

Breeder: Chintz Syndicate

Breeding: b c Galileo (IRE) – Chintz (IRE) (Danehill Dancer (IRE))


Aidan O’Brien – Qatar Sussex Stakes wins

2000 Giant’s Causeway, 2002 Rock Of Gibraltar, 2008 Henrythenavigator, 2009 Rip Van Winkle, 2016 The Gurkha


Ryan Moore – Qatar Sussex Stakes wins

2016 The Gurkha


Aidan O’Brien – 17 Goodwood wins (15 at Qatar Goodwood Festival)

Ryan Moore – 116 Goodwood wins (30 at Qatar Goodwood Festival)








Yalta surprised trainer Mark Johnston by running out the commanding three length winner of the G3 Victoria Racing Club Molecomb Stakes at the Qatar Goodwood Festival this afternoon.


The two-year-old was sent off the less fancied of the Johnston-trained pair at 8/1 but he blazed a trail down the straight five furlong course under jockey James Doyle and skipped clear of his stablemate, the 3/1 second-favourite The Last Lion, to record a comfortable victory.


Johnston admitted he hadn’t expected that type of performance by Yalta this afternoon as he thought the juvenile would want further.


“To be honest, I was a bit devastated when he got beaten the last couple of times as we thought so much of him,” said Johnston.


“At the beginning of the year, we thought that The Last Lion, Souter County and this one were our three best two-year-olds but, for one reason or another, it hasn’t quite gone right with him on his last two runs.


“Although James McDonald (jockey – rode Yalta last time out) had told me to bring him back to five furlongs after his last run, I couldn’t really believe him as he’s got so much size and scope and doesn’t look like a sprinter.


“The whole idea to go for this trip came last time out at Newmarket when James McDonald got off him. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he was leading them a merry dance at halfway and I knew he’d come home strongly. Although I’ve had it in my mind that he is a six furlong horse, it’s clear that he’s good over this trip.”


Yalta’s winning time of 57.14 seconds broke the two-year-old course record at Goodwood.




The Mark Johnston-trained Yalta (8/1) ran out an impressive winner of the Group Three Victoria Racing Club Molecomb Stakes under James Doyle to provide the jockey with his second winner of the week at the 2016 Qatar Goodwood Festival.


The two-year-old broke well in the five-furlong contest and was not for passing as the son of Exceed And Excel quickened clear of his rivals to score by three lengths in a two-year-old course record time of 57.14 seconds. The Last Lion, also trained by Johnston, and Ed Dunlop’s Global Applause filled the placings.


Doyle said: “It was a pretty breathtaking performance. Mark [Johnston, trainer] said they weren’t sure about coming back to five. However, Yalta had a lot of speed in the past so they made that decision. I just had to get him out of the gate and not interfere with him.


“He was quick out of the gates and sharp out of his stride. I wasn’t being hassled up front so he enjoyed being out the front on his own. I dropped my rein on him when I first picked him up which wasn’t a great help to him either in a race of this calibre.


“We gathered it together and we finished off very well. He is a smashing specimen and we can keep pressing on with him.”


When asked about a possible tilt at the Nunthorpe Stakes at York, Doyle suggested the race would suit the colt. He remarked: “There are not many negatives about the Nunthorpe for him. He is very ready and very strong. He carries himself well and has a great temperament.


“Connections will have a chat and will come up with a plan but, if someone said about it [Nunthorpe] to me, I certainly wouldn’t put them off. He loves a fast five furlongs. He has won here before and did have track experience which was a help.”


Doyle had earlier finished an excellent third on Godolphin’s Ribchester in the Group One Qatar Sussex Stakes and was delighted with the run of Richard Fahey’s colt. Doyle commented:  “I’m pleased with him. It was another step forward. Whatever he does this year, he will improve again and be better next year. He has proved today that he could go on fast ground as he handled it quite well.


“I just felt the tempo of the race didn’t suit him. He is quite a strong traveller and I just always felt that The Gurkha was coming back into my lap a little bit which didn’t help. I had to sit against my horse rather than letting him race. I just think a faster tempo would definitely suit him.


“He finished off tremendously well and that is definitely his best run so far. Looking at him he will improve again next year and he handles fast ground. I’m sure he copes with slower ground much better than some of the others however.”




Trainer Mark Johnston was happy enough with the performance of The Last Lion, who finished the three length runner-up to stablemate Yalta in the G3 Victoria Racing Club Molecomb Stakes at the Qatar Goodwood Festival this afternoon.


The two-year-old has yet to be out of the frame in six career starts to date but his trainer admitted to being a ‘bit disappointed’ in the juvenile, given that he expected the 3/1 shot to beat the winner this afternoon.


“It’s obviously a bit disappointing for the owners of The Last Lion as we didn’t expect that performance from Yalta,” said Johnston.


“We thought The Last Lion was the out and out five furlong horse but we can’t get away from the fact that he’s been put in his place there.


“What has emerged this season is that he might be a bit better with some cut in the ground. When he won the Brocklesby (at Doncaster), Franny (Norton – jockey) got off him and said he’d be much better on better ground.


“We’re now finding out that a bit of cut in the ground certainly doesn’t inconvenience him but sometimes hinders the others so we might have to look for a bit of ease in the ground in France or in the autumn here.”


3:45 G3 Victoria Racing Club Molecomb Stakes


1 YALTA (Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum) Mark Johnston 2-9-01 James Doyle 8/1

2 The Last Lion (John Brown & Megan Dennis) Mark Johnston 2-9-01 Franny Norton 3/1

3 Global Applause (Dr Johnny Hon) 2-9-01 Frankie Dettroi 2/1 Fav


9 ran. Time: 57.14s (course record for two-year-olds). Distances: 3, ¾

Tote Win £9.80 Place £2.60,£1.30,£1.40 Exacta £29.20

Breeder: Darley. Breeding: b c Exceed And Excel (AUS) – Lacily (USA) (Elusive Quality (USA))


Mark Johnston – 120 Goodwood Wins (68 at Qatar Goodwood Festival)

James Doyle – 24 Goodwood wins (10 at Qatar Goodwood Festival)








The Andrew Balding-trained Perfect Angel (8/1) ran out a gutsy winner of the Markel Insurance Maiden Fillies’ Stakes under David Probert to provide her trainer and jockey with their first victories of the 2016 Qatar Goodwood Festival.


Having travelled nicely throughout the race, the two-year-old daughter of Dark Angel picked up well for her jockey’s urgings when asked to quicken. Perfect Angel highlighted her battling credentials by gamely fending off the late challenge of newcomer Promising to record a neck success.


Balding, gaining his ninth Qatar Goodwood Festival win, said: “She has been working pretty well. We always planned to come here because Dennis Caslon who owns half of her is a massive Goodwood fan. Sadly his wife Sally is not very well so he’s missed it as he has to go back to America but that is the reason we came here.


“We could have found easier races and obviously faster ground was a bit of a question mark but she has coped with it well.


“There was plenty of give in the ground when she ran at Newbury. All of her work in the spring and summer had been on softer ground but after she worked well on good ground last week I was fairly hopeful.”


Balding was unsure of the fillies’ future targets but suggested the Group Three Dick Poole Fillies’ Stakes at Salisbury in September was a potential option. He said: “I don’t know where we will go next but the Dick Poole at Salisbury could be a possibility. She has certainly earned a step up in class.


“I think that could be the right sort of race for her and she is a nice prospect.”


Balding added: “David gave her a lovely ride and was sympathetic enough with her to get the job done without killing her which we are grateful for.”




Perfect Angel went one better on her second racecourse star when taking the the Markel Insurance Maiden Fillies’ Stakes at the Qatar Goodwood Festival this afternoon.


The 8/1 shot had made a pleasing debut when second behind Funky Footsteps at Newbury last month and showed the benefit of that experience, galloping on strongly under jockey David Probert to record a neck success over 33/1 runner-up Promising.


Probert, who had taken a fall yesterday from Ron Harris’ Union Rose on his way to post for the Weatherbys Private Bank Handicap, was passed fit by the Goodwood doctor this morning and made the most of the opportunity to record his first winner of the 2016 Qatar Goodwood Festival and seventh at the meeting in all.


“She’s not a very big filly but, at the same time, she’s got a big engine,” said Probert.


“She’s travelled into the race well. There was plenty of speed on my side, which means she got a nice tow into the race. I ended up in front a bit sooner than I wanted to and she’s run a bit green. We ended up nearer the stands’ side but she’s game and tough and fought all the way to the line.


“She ran really well at Newbury first time out on soft ground and I think the better ground has helped today. She stuck it out well and won it nicely.


“All things being equal, she will keep improving. She could be worth chancing in Group company – she’s definitely going the right way and has the right attitude.


“I’ve got a black eye from falling from Union Rose yesterday. He just whipped round on me and, as I went down, she just kind of clambered all over me. I got a knock on the arm and on the leg but I was well enough to ride out this morning.”




Perfect Angel proved just that for punters who took the 8/1 starting price about her for the Markel Insurance Fillies’ Maiden, but there was huge promise in the performance of the neck runner-up Promising.


Making her racecourse debut, and conceding racecourse experience to both the winner and third-placed favourite Bouquet De Flores, Promising chased Perfect Angel through the final furlong and just lacked the edge to get past.  A 33/1 chance, she was beaten a neck, with three and a half lengths back to Bouquet De Flores, who started the 5/4 favourite.


A €350,000 yearling purchase, Promising was bred by the Irish National Stud and is a daughter of its resident stallion Invincible Spirit. Her trainer, Richard Hannon, said: “She’s a lovely filly who travelled really well – it was just inexperience and the fact she probably needed the run slightly that meant she didn’t get home quite as well as the winner.


“She’s a very nice filly and is a maiden winner in waiting.”


Bouquet De Flores is trained by Charlie Appleby for Godolphin. His assistant, James Ferguson, said: “She ran well. James [Doyle] said she was very quick out of the gate and may be better suited by a shorter trip, but that she had learned from her debut run [at Newmarket, earlier this month].


“She’s a big filly, and with that in mind there is probably some improvement in her.”


4:20 Markel Insurance Fillies’ Maiden

1 PERFECT ANGEL (Mildmay Racing & D H Caslon) Andrew Balding 2-9-00 David Probert 8/1

2 Promising (Denford Stud) Richard Hannon 2-9-00 Sean Levey 33/1

3 Bouquet De Flores (Godolphin) Charlie Appleby 2-9-00 James Doyle 5/4 Fav


18 ran

Time: 1m 11.40s

Distances: nk, 3½

Tote in £8.70 Place £2.50,£10.30,£1.20 Exacta £225.40

Breeder: Yeomanstown Stud & Doc Bloodstock

Breeding: br f Dark Angel (IRE)  – The Hermitage (IRE) (Kheleyf (USA))


Andrew Balding – 28 Goodwood Wins (9 at Qatar Goodwood Festival)

David Probert – 17 Goodwood wins (7 at Qatar Goodwood Festival)










An unusual forecast resulted from the EBF Breeders’ Series Veuve Clicquot Fillies’ Handicap, in which top-weight Sagaciously finished first, her half-sister Sagely second.


Both are trained by Ed Dunlop, who bought Sagaciously as a yearling for 20,000 guineas, and liked the product so much he went back to the sales one year later and bought Sagely for 35,000 euros. The 14/1 winner, who was ridden by James Doyle for a partnership called The Sagacious Lot, beat her sibling by two and three-quarters of a length, with third-placed Intimation a further neck behind.


Dunlop said: “They both try very hard – the winner has won twice this year, and her sister has also won twice, so they are pretty good. I bought Sagely on the back of the winner.


“Sagaciously was in a Listed race at York, but I bottled it and came here. She’s a decent filly. She’s been fourth in a couple of Listed races, so it would be nice to get some proper black type because she will be sold one day and she has a bit of pedigree.


“It was my mistake to run her over longer trips in the past and she won’t do that again – she might come down in trip because she has plenty of gears and she had a lot of weight to carry today.


“I would love statisticians to find out how many times two sisters have finished first and second in a race, because I cannot imagine it is too often.”


4:55 EBF Breeders’ Series Veuve Clicquot Fillies’ Handicap

1 SAGACIOUSLY (The Sagacious Lot) Ed Dunlop  4-9-11 James Doyle 14/1

2 Sagely (The Sages) Ed Dunlop 3-8-10 Silvestre De Sousa 7/1

3 Intimation (Cheveley Park Stud) Sir Michael Stoute 4-9-06 Ryan Moore 7/2

2/1 Fav Shaan (4th)


10 ran

Time: 2m 05.14s

Distances: 2¾, nk

Tote Win £19.40 Place £4.10,£2.10,£1.50 Exacta £90.10

Breeder:  Keatly Overseas Ltd

Breeding: b f Lawman (FR) – Saga Celebre (FR) (Peintre Celebre (USA))


Ed Dunlop – 45 Goodwood Wins (12 at Qatar Goodwood Festival)

James Doyle – 25 Goodwood wins (11 at Qatar Goodwood Festival)




Jockey James Doyle jumped to the head of the Racing UK Top Jockey standings after recording his third winner of the Qatar Goodwood Festival on board Sagaciously in the EBF Breeders’ Series Veuve Cliquot Fillies’ Handicap this afternoon.


The 14/1 winner was always travelling kindly for Doyle and the pair stayed on strongly under top-weight to beat Sagaciously’s stablemate, and half-sister, Sagely by two and three quarter lengths.


Victory for Doyle in this race means that he has recorded a 134/1 double on the day, following Yalta’s success in the Racing Victoria Molecomb Stakes earlier on the card.


“It all went pretty smoothly,” said Doyle following the race.


“She had a lot of weight so, having chatted to Mr Dunlop (Ed – trainer) before the race, we thought we’d keep things simple and just gradually ease her into the race. It all went to plan.


“There was just a bit of an anxious moment around the three-furlong pole when I needed a bit of racing room, as I had a lot of horse under me, but she burst through the gap well.


“She wouldn’t want any further and she loved the ground today. I suppose we’ll have to go back to Listed and Group company after that performance.


“She’s fallen just short of that before but she might still be improving. I was hoping they would go an even pace and they did. It was a typical Goodwood race in that they went a good pace, I was able to get a breather into her, and then we raced for home.”


This was the jockey’s 11th success at the Qatar Goodwood Festival.









There were ticks in every box for Goodwood Clerk of the Course Seamus Buckley following the second day of the Qatar Goodwood Festival 2016.


He said: “Things have gone extremely well today, and by putting plenty of water on the outer bend we alleviated the problem we had yesterday when a few horses slipped – the jockeys were delighted and the horses went around the bend beautifully. We will do the same tonight because we have two races around that bend tomorrow – the Qatar Goodwood Cup and the Markel Insurance Fillies’ Stakes.


“We will also water from the 10-furlongs start to the intersection – there is about three furlongs of ground there which, to my mind, is just a little quicker.


“We are also taking down three furlongs of rail on the far side of the home straight, from the winning post to the start of the lower bend, thus providing a fresh strip of ground.


“They are forecasting a little rain tomorrow, but they are unsure of how much.


“Today’s Qatar Sussex Stakes was a great race to watch and it was a real privilege to be here and involved in such a wonderful horse race. With all due respect to the great Frankel, who won the race twice, it was marvellous today to have a real race with a number of superb horses. The finish reminded me of the great battle between Ouija Board and Alexander Goldrun in the Qatar Nassau Stakes a few years ago, and will stick in the memory like that one.


“I thought Frankie would hang on with Galileo Gold, but it was a great ride by Ryan Moore to win on The Gurkha. Ryan is a joy to behold when he is riding like that.”









The Ian Williams-trained Shady McCoy was a half-length winner of the NatWest Handicap, the final race on day two of the 2016 Qatar Goodwood Festival.


The six-year-old travelled kindly in midfield throughout the contest under James Doyle who unleashed the gelding’s challenge on the outside in the home straight.


Shady McCoy took a while to respond to Doyle’s urgings but stayed on well inside the final half-furlong to come with a withering run and take the lead. Despite the renewed efforts of second-placed Twin Sails and third home Rex Imperator, Shady McCoy held on gamely to score by a half-length.


Williams, registering his ninth Goodwood winner and third at the Qatar Goodwood Festival, said:  “I was on the out of form trainers list so fortunately I’m off of that now!


“This horse set up a lovely sequence last year and then he picked up an injury at the end of the season. It has taken a little bit of time to get him back.


“There was a little bit of promise in his first race back this year [fifth at Haydock]. The ground was soft and he got slightly tired. James has given him a great ride today. He has been on the crest of a wave – we have been on the slump of one but it’s great.


“Shady McCoy has gone about his job well today and he got his head in front where it matters. I was glad about the strong pace as he looked like the step to seven furlongs was what he wanted so it was nice to go on and win.”


Williams was unsure of future targets for the unexposed gelding. He said: “I am not quite sure what we will do with him next but it looks like he will progress again. We were going to look at what happened today and then move on from there. It is a nice problem to have.”


Doyle completed a 2024/1 treble on the day, taking his overall tally at this year’s meeting to four winners and making him the overall leader in the Racing UK Leading Jockey Award. Doyle said: “It’s been a really great day for me.”


5:25 NatWest Handicap

1 Shady McCoy (Allwins Stables) Ian Williams 6-9-06 James Doyle 14/1

2 Twin Sails (Robin Heffer & Ken Ivory) Dean Ivory 3-9-07 Dane O’Neill 7/1

3 Rex Imperator (George Turner) David O’Meara 7-9-09 Daniel Tudhope 12/1

4  Magnus Maximus (Franconson Partners) Robyn Brisland 5-9-12 Martin Harley 33/1

11/8 Fav Afjaan (6th)

16 ran

Time: 1m 25.62s

Distances: ½, nose, hd

Tote Win £15.90 Tote Place £3.20,£2.10,£2.70,£7.00 Exacta £129.80

Breeder:  Bluegrass Hall Llc

Breeding: b g English Channel (USA)  - Raw Gold (USA) (Rahy (USA))

Ian Williams – 9 Goodwood Wins (3 at Qatar Goodwood Festival)

James Doyle – 26 Goodwood wins (12 at Qatar Goodwood Festival)





The Stewards enquired into the fall of NO HERETIC, ridden by James McDonald, inside the final furlong. Having viewed recordings of the incident, and received a report from the Veterinary Officer that the gelding had suffered a fatal injury, the Stewards took no further action.

Following the false start in this race the Starters reviewed the start and were satisfied that no rider was in breach of the Starting Procedures.

Jamie Spencer, the rider of THE CASHEL MAN (IRE), unplaced, reported that the gelding was never travelling. The Stewards ordered THE CASHEL MAN (IRE) to be routine tested.

The Veterinary Officer reported that SEASIDE SIZZLER, unplaced, trained by William Knight, finished lame on the right fore.

The Veterinary Officer reported that REVISION (FR), unplaced, trained by John Best, finished lame on the left fore.

The Veterinary Officer reported that ETON RAMBLER (USA), unplaced, trained by George Baker, lost a left fore shoe.


Race 2 – 2:35pm BeringIce GORDON STAKES (Group 3)

No Enquiry.

The Stewards noted that QATARI HUNTER (IRE), trained by J S Bolger, would wear earplugs which would be removed at the Start.

The Stewards considered the running of HARRISON, ridden by Silvestre De Sousa and trained by Mick Channon, which finished unplaced. The Stewards noted the trainer’s explanation that, in his opinion, the colt ran too free.



No Enquiry.

The Stewards noted that RICHARD PANKHURST, trained by John Gosden, would wear a hood in the Parade Ring.

The Stewards gave permission for TOORMORE (IRE), trained by Richard Hannon, to go first in the parade.

The Stewards wished to hold an Enquiry into why LIGHTNING SPEAR, ridden by Oisin Murphy and trained by David Simcock, had left the Parade Ring before the signal to mount had been given and had, therefore, not paraded in accordance with Rule (B)30. As the trainer had left the racecourse, the Stewards adjourned the Enquiry until Thursday 28 July 2016.



No Enquiry.

The Stewards gave permission for KYLLANG ROCK (IRE), trained by James Tate, to go early to post.



No Enquiry.

Tom Marquand, the rider of LIMELITE (IRE), unplaced, reported that the filly hung left.

Tom Queally, the rider of PARADWYS (IRE), unplaced, reported that the filly was slowly away.



The Stewards held an enquiry into possible interference approaching the final furlong. Having heard their evidence and viewed recordings of the race they found that interference had taken place between INTIMATION, placed third, ridden by Ryan Moore, KILTARA (IRE), unplaced, ridden by Franny Norton, RIOCA (IRE), unplaced, ridden by Luke Morris, SHAAN (IRE), placed fourth, ridden by Frankie Dettori and MOTDAW, placed fifth, ridden by John Egan. They found the interference was accidental.

The Stewards noted that KILTARA (IRE), trained by Mark Johnston, would wear earplugs which would be removed at the Start.


Race 7 – 5:25pm NatWest HANDICAP

No Enquiry.

Fergus Sweeney, the rider of JACK’S REVENGE (IRE), unplaced, reported that the gelding was never travelling.


Jockey      1st   2nd   3rd

James Doyle     4   1   3

Ryan Moore     2   -   2

Adam Kirby     2   -   -

James McDonald     1   3   -

Silvestre De Sousa    1   2   -

Andrea Atzeni     1   1   -

Jimmy Fortune     1   -   -

Oisin Murphy     1   -   -

David Probert     1   -   -

Frankie Dettori     -   2   1

Franny Norton     -   1   1

Edward Greatrex     -   1   -

Seamie Heffernan    -   1   -

Sean Levey     -   1   -

Dane O’Neill     -   1   -

Jim Crowley     -   -   2

Nathan Evans     -   -   1

Joe Fanning     -   -   1

Paul Hanagan     -   -   1

Fergus Sweeney     -   -   1

Daniel Tudhope     -   -   1



Trainer      1st   2nd   3rd

Mark Johnston     2   2   2

Aidan O’Brien IRE     2   1   1

Ed Dunlop     1   2   1

Saeed bin Suroor     1   1   -

Sir Michael Stoute    1   -   1

Andrew Balding     1   -   -

Ralph Beckett     1   -   -

Tony Carroll     1   -   -

Mick Channon     1   -   -

Charlie Hills     1   -   -

Hughie Morrison     1   -   -

Ian Williams     1   -   -

Hugo Palmer     -   2   1

Charlie Appleby     -   1   2

Luca Cumani     -   1   -

Richard Hannon     -   1   -

Dean Ivory     -   1   -

Sylvester Kirk     -   1   -

Nigel Tinkler     -   1   -

Richard Fahey     -   -   2

Mick Easterby     -   -   1

Alan King      -   -   1

William Knight     -   -   1

David O’Meara     -   -   1




Tuesday, July 26, 2016

2:00 Matchbook Betting Exchange Handicap – FIRE FIGHTING (Alan Spence) Mark Johnston 5-9-05 Adam Kirby 8/1 Co Fav

2:35 G2 Qatar Vintage Stakes – WAR DECREE (Andrew Rosen, Sue Magnier, Michael Tabor, Derrick Smith) Aidan O’Brien IRE 2-9-01 Ryan Moore 6/4 Fav

3:10 G2 Qatar Lennox Stakes – DUTCH CONNECTION (Godolphin) Charlie Hills 4-9-03 James McDonald 9/4 Fav

3:45 Better Odds With Matchbook Summer Handicap – ELIDOR (Jon & Julia Aisbitt) Mick Channon 6-9-10 Silvestre de Sousa 16/1

4:20 Weatherbys Private Bank Handicap – BOOM THE GROOM (Gary Attwood) Tony Carroll 5-9-00 Adam Kirby 13/2

4:55 Irish Thoroughbred Marketing EBF Stallions Maiden – BEST SOLUTION (Godolphin) Saeed bin Suroor 2-9-00 James Doyle 11/2

5:30 Smarter Bets With Matchbook Betting Exchange Fillies’ Handicap – DESERT HAZE (H H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Khalifia Al Thani) Ralph Beckett 3-8-09 Oisin Murphy 13/2


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

2:00 Matchbook Betting Exchange Goodwood Handicap – STAR RIDER (Ben & Sir Martyn Arbib) Hughie Morrison 4-8-13 Jimmy Fortune 11/1

2:35 G3 BeringIce Gordon Stakes – ULYSSES (Niarchos Family) Sir Michael Stoute 3-9-01 Andrea Atzeni 9/2

3:10 G1 Qatar Sussex Stakes (British Champions Series) – THE GURKHA (Derrick Smith, Sue Magnier & Michael Tabor) Aidan O’Brien, IRE 3-9-00 Ryan Moore 11/8 Fav

3:45 G3 Victoria Racing Club Molecomb Stakes – YALTA (Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum) Mark Johnston 2-9-01 James Doyle 8/1

4:20 Markel Insurance Fillies’ Maiden – PERFECT ANGEL (Mildmay Racing & D H Caslon) Andrew Balding 2-9-00 David Probert 8/1

4:55 EBF Breeders’ Series Veuve Clicquot Fillies’ Handicap – SAGACIOUSLY (The Sagacious Lot) Ed Dunlop 4-9-11 James Doyle 14/1

5:25 NatWest Handicap – SHADY McCOY (Allwins Stables) Ian Williams 6-9-06 James Doyle 14/1


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